UK Pensions Law

Episode 7UK Pensions Law

Richard Goldstein talks about the Government’s response to its “Freedom and Choice in Pensions” consultation on the new changes to the way that members can access their DC benefits from April 2015, and the recently published draft Taxation of Pensions Bill.

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Additive Manufacturing – Insurance risks

Ingrid Hobbs, partner in our Insurance group, examines the insurance risks associated with additive manufacturing and outlines the issues that those operating in this sector need to be aware of in relation to this growing technology.

UK Employment Law

Episode 52The View from Mayer Brown

Nick looks at three very different cases in this episode. The first case considers whether an employer’s mistaken belief when granting previous pay rises could create a legal right to future pay rises. The second case highlights an important limitation in the protection against religious discrimination and the third case offers key guidance to all employers when giving basic factual references.

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Pension protection fund changes following Olympic Airlines case

The regulatory amendments drawn up by the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions following the outcome in Trustees of Olympic Airlines SA Pension & Life Assurance Scheme v Olympic Airlines SA have been drafted narrowly and may end up  protecting no one other than the beneficiaries of the Olympic Airlines pension scheme. (Read more…)

2014 ISDA Credit Derivatives Definitions in detail – Part One

Edmund Parker, Global Co-head of Derivatives & Structured Products at Mayer Brown, discusses the 2014 ISDA Credit Derivatives Definitions in further detail incorporating Governmental Intervention Credit Event, Financial Reference Entity Terms and Related Asset Package Delivery Provisions.

Limitations on Claims in Private M&A

Paddy Hennessy and Annabel Evans will discuss recent trends in limitations on liability in private M&A sale and purchase agreements. What time limits and financial caps are we seeing? How else are buyers protecting themselves against having to make warranty claims?

17 July 2014 at 9:00 am - 9:15 am

UK Employment Law

Episode 51The View from Mayer Brown

Nick looks at a three cases in different areas of employment law this week. The first clarifies the process for determining whether a reasonable adjustment should have been made for a disabled employee. The second case looks at whether it was relevant that employee had been off ill, when considering if he had delayed too long in resigning to claim constructive dismissal. Finally we have a rare case on damages for failure to comply with the subject access provisions of the data protection legislation.

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