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Legal developments in construction law

We are delighted to share our latest Construction Legal Update.

Key topics in this update include:

1. Frustration, the contract killer, and “Thriller Live” in Greece
2. Court can set the timing on a timeless obligation
3. Contract termination – could it also be acceptance of a repudiation?
4. Government gets tough on lease issues
5. MP’s retentions bill goes forward to a second reading
6. FIDIC 2: programmes and time

The update can be accessed here.

UK Employment Law

Episode 129The View from Mayer Brown

Nick looks at three recent cases. One relates to a disputed termination date and the effect that had on an employee’s claims. The second covers the dismissal of an employee for intermittent sickness absence and the third considers the Tribunal’s powers to adjudicate claims for unlawful deductions from pay. To follow Nick on Twitter, please go to Nicholas Robertson@NicholasRober11.

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