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Employment Round-up

In our December monthly update of key employment law decisions, we look at an important decision concerning the introduction of restrictive covenants into employment contracts.

Please see our Update for details. You can also view our legislation timetable within the Update, which sets out recent and forthcoming changes to employment law.

Please speak to your usual contact in the Employment Group if you have any questions on any of the issues in this update.

A History of Derivatives: From Ancient Mesopotamia to Trading Places, by Edmund Parker & Geoffrey Parker

We hope you have enjoyed our well received video series this year, by Edmund Parker, our Global Head of Derivatives & Structured Products, on the new 2014 ISDA Credit Derivatives Definitions. If you have not had the chance to view these they can be viewed below.

A number of you have fed back to us, that many viewers would enjoy a talk on the history of derivatives generally, combined with a contextually clear explanation of what derivatives are. As a Seasonal Special, Ed therefore asked his father, historian Professor Geoffrey Parker, to join him to look at, and present,  ”The history of derivatives – From Ancient Mesopotamia to Trading Places”.

The attached video is an insightful look at this history, stretching from the times of Babylonian King Hammurabi, 4000 years ago, through the Ancient Middle East, Greece and Rome; then London and Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries, and the American, European and Asian markets of the 19th and 20th centuries, ending at the start of the modern era in the 1980s.

This entertaining piece will be of interest not just to derivatives specialists, but also to all those who have an interest in the history of the financial markets. (running time 52.25)

Appeal Court guidance on de facto directors

De facto directors can be held liable for the acts of a company despite not having been actually appointed as a director. The Court of Appeal has issued some useful guidance on the factors to be considered when looking at whether a person is a de facto director.

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UK Employment Law

Special EpisodeAnother View from Mayer Brown

In this special episode Nick is discussing the topic of equal pay with Paul Epstein QC. The discussion covers topics such as the impact the equal pay legislation has had on the public and private sectors in the UK so far, and the prospects for an increased impact following the changes introduced in October 2014. Plus a book recommendation from Paul.

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UK Employment Law

Episode 61The View from Mayer Brown

Nick considers the first case in this podcast episode looking at a difficult disciplinary process, and the consequences for the employer of failing to comply with its duties. The second one looks at holiday pay and whether the employee could claim back pay for untaken holiday since 1999. The final case considers what payment or other benefit has to be given to an existing employee in return for agreeing to be bound by new restrictive covenants.

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UK Employment Law

Special EpisodeAnother View from Mayer Brown

In this special episode Nick interviews Stefan Martin, who is another partner in our London employment team. We have been dealing with the introduction of a number of global HR policies for clients and this podcast considers how to introduce such policies, and why employers might benefit from doing so

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VAT on services supplied to pension schemes: revised HMRC guidance

On 25 November 2014, HM Revenue & Customs published two pieces of new guidance on the charging and recovery of VAT on administration and investment management services provided to pension schemes. The guidance was required as a result of last year’s Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU”) decision in the PPG case and this year’s CJEU decision in the ATP case.

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Bulletin for Pensions Managers

The Bulletin for Pensions Managers is a high-level summary of developments which may be of interest to pensions managers. This issue covers developments to the end of October 2014.

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UK Employment Law

Episode 60The View from Mayer Brown

Nick considers three recent decisions. The first case considers the vexing issue of when an employer has to make allowances for a disabled employee whose attendance record is poor. The second confirms that in-house legal costs are recoverable in principle if a Tribunal awards costs to an employer, and the third case considers the interplay between vicarious liability for harassment and TUPE.

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